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EBC Campsite Rentals

East Boston Camps Campsite Facilities Rental

EBC campsite facilities are available and can be rented by individuals and groups on weekends during the spring and fall seasons. Facilities are available to both residents and non-residents for rental.

Tent camping with the use of the bathrooms, dining hall, and fire pit are the only facilities currently being rented. At this time, there will be no permits issued for the renting of cabins and other buildings at EBC. 

The Westford Conservation Commission is entrusted with the care, custody, management, and use of the East Boston Camps property, including the campsite facilities. In collaboration with the Commission, Westford Recreation handles the entire rental process for the EBC campsite facilities, from scheduling, and issuing permits, to the collection of fees.

Please direct all rental inquiries and requests to EBCRental@westfordma.gov or call Westford Recreation at 978-692-5532. 

Renting EBC Campsite Facilities – Step-by-Step

  1. Learn about EBC: Take a moment to learn more about EBC Campsite Facilities.
    Review the Policies established by the Conservation Commission.

  2. Propose Dates and Confirm Date Availability: Submit preferred weekend rental dates to EBCRental@westfordma.gov. Consider providing back-up dates as EBC slots fill quickly. Recreation will contact you within three days regarding site availability. EBC facilities can only be rented in the spring (2nd weekend of April through 3rd weekend in June) and fall (last weekend in August through Columbus Day weekend in October).

  3. Complete the Licensing Rate Sheet and the License Application Form: Once the rental date availability is confirmed, complete BOTH forms. Please check for thoroughness and accuracy before submitting. (Links to these forms can be found in this paragraph, or under Additional Forms and Files below.)

  4. Submit License Application Fee Deposit with Completed Forms: Mail or deliver BOTH forms (Licensing Rate Sheet and License Application) with the license application fee deposit (20% of the total fee) to: Westford Recreation, 65 Main Street, 3rd Floor, Westford, MA 01886. Or email BOTH forms to EBCRental@westfordma.gov. The license application fee deposit must be mailed or delivered to Westford Parks & Recreation within a week of the email submittal.Make checks payable to: Town of Westford. No cash or credit cards accepted.

  5. Submit Final Contractual Package: For Large Groups: Submit a completed 2022 License Agreement Contract and Large Group Form, a Certificate of Liability Insurance (large groups only), and the balance of fees owed. For Small Groups: Submit a completed 2022 License Agreement Contract Individual and Small Group Form, and the balance of fees owed. Parks & Recreation will forward a License Agreement Contract to your email address once the Licensing Rate Sheet and License Application are approved and the license application fee deposit is received. The contract can also be picked up at the Recreation office. Please let us know your preference. (Links to these forms can be found in this paragraph, or under Additional Forms and Files below.)

    -Print, complete, and sign the License Agreement Contract.
    -Include a check for the License Application Fee Balance (80% of the total fee).
    -For groups renting the kitchen: include a separate check for $150. This fee is refundable.
    -For Large Group rentals only: include a signed Certificate of Liability Insurance form.

    The final contractual package is due 30 days prior to the event start date.
    Please submit to: Westford Recreation, 65 Main Street, 3rd Floor, Westford, MA 01886.

    Make all checks payable to: Town of Westford. No cash or credit cards accepted.

    Youth service organizations, such as boy scouts and girl scouts, that perform an approved Community Service Project, will be charged a flat event rate of $30.